Our Projects

The Great ISoc Quran Competition

Narrated `Uthman:
The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” Sahih al-Bukhari 5027

In the academic year of 20/21, the University of Manchester Islamic Society approached MMSF and together we organised one of the biggest University student Quran competitions in the UK. MMSF funded one of the higher competition categories with a cash prize of £700. Through our network and relationships with the muslim community in Manchester we facilitated meetings for the Islamic society and secured more cash prizes and a trip to Umrah.

More than 75 students across the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University signed up to take part in the Quran Competition which was a huge success.

Story Night and Link Up - the University of Manchester Islamic Society

The Islamic Society at the University of Manchester hosts a weekly “Story night and Link up”. This event hosts approximately 150 students every Friday evening in McDougall’s prayer hall and aims to develop brotherhood and sisterhood amongst students on campus. Not only does this event create an environment for students to come together, instigate beneficial discussions and learn from one another. But the talks are also followed up by free food to all attendees as well as supplying various social activities to enjoy such as video games and table tennis.

To ensure the student experience is optimised, MMSF funded the renovation of the social space by investing in new Arabic seating, a brand new table tennis table, a new console and help fund the food on a weekly basis.

Tutoring Scheme

MMSF identified that there were disparities in tutoring opportunities available to A-Level students from disadvantaged backgrounds in the local community. Due to the pandemic and the numerous school closures, students have had inconsistent teaching during this critical point of their education.

However, we wanted to provide mentors so these students could reach their full academic potential and overcome any challenges they may have been facing. This was a collaboration with Masjid Al-Furqan and the University of Manchester Islamic Society and provided affordable academic support to students in the form of weekly tuition in a designated subject.

The Islamic Society recruited capable university students to teach the group sessions, whilst Masjid Al Furqan outreached to the local community to find students who would benefit from this opportunity. MMSF subsidised the fees to all families and provided additional financial support to those that needed it, so that this year-long scheme would be a viable option for those it would benefit most.

The students of the Quran project

We are blessed to have many Gifted University student Qaris and Hufaaz who regularly recite in university prayer rooms and the local community. These include former and current students. MMSF were approached by a University student who had an idea to record audio recitations of the Quran by selected students accompanied with translations as a resource for young muslims wanting to learn and read the Quran.

The recitations of young local students and the easy to understand translations in audio format would not only develop a relationship with the Quran but also provide a key understanding of the verses.

MMSF provided the working group with funds to purchase high quality recording equipment and software to ensure the success of this beautiful initiative. There is a sample link here.