Who We Are

Our Trustees

Our Trustees direct, govern, and oversee our charity. They volunteer their expertise and time to fulfil the aims of the charity and have ultimate responsibility for the charities vision, performance and strategy. They have come together to work for the benefit of the Muslim student community. Trustees play an essential role in the running of a charity. A charity’s trustees share ultimate responsibility for making sure the charity is doing what it is set up to do, in line with its charitable purposes, and that all decisions put the needs of the beneficiaries first. They control, and are legally responsible for, a charity’s management and administration, and uphold a responsibility to safeguard the charity’s assets and reputation.

Mohammed Ullah

Chair of Trustees

Mohammed Ullah is the Muslim chaplain to the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. Mohammed first studied Law and then Arabic and Islamic Studies and he completed his (BA) at the University of Manchester before becoming a chaplain. He is currently pursuing becoming a barrister through the GDL route and has a dream of  specializing in Islamic Family Law. He has worked in the capacity as chaplain in several institutions.
Mohammed is involved in various community projects and charities as a volunteer and trustee. He was previously a trustee of Manchester Central Foodbank and is currently a Trustee for the charity WESTANDTOGETHER.

He was also elected to be the BAME rep for “City Matters” which is a fan led group for Manchester City football club. His work representing the interests of the BAME and Muslim community, is extensive.

Mohammed is passionate about working to fight injustice and bring about positive change. He is one of the founding members of MMSF.

Abdulrahman Elbayouk (rh)

Founding Trustee

Abdulrahman Elbayouk (rh) was an FY2 doctor at North Manchester Hospital, having graduated from the University of Manchester in 2019 with an intercalated Masters of Research (MRes) degree in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.
Being the longest serving member of the Islamic Society and the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) North Chair from 2018-9, Abdulrahman left an incredible mark on Manchester’s student community, inspiring hundreds with his passion and demonstrating his commitment in serving others.
His activism extended to outside the university space where he was a trustee for AskDoc, an organisation which aims to increase health awareness activities for the local ethnic minority communities, break down barriers to healthcare and improve the quality of life of others.
He was also involved in various mosque projects – whether it was during his time as a lead for Didsbury Youth, teaching the Qur’an to students or being assistant chaplain, Abdulrahman (rh) always pushed himself through his inspirational leadership, kind manners and trademark smile.
May Allah ‘azza wa jal have mercy on his soul, forgive his sins, accepts all his work and grant him the highest ranks of Jannah.

Zaidi Hamid

Founding Trustee and Treasurer

Is a final year medical student at the University of Manchester and a graduate in BioMedical Sciences from King’s College London. He was the President of the University of Manchester Islamic Society from 2018-2020 and volunteered for numerous organisations in the past such as the Federation of Student Islamic Societies, The ARK Project, PalMed. He has a passion for education and teaching, specifically making higher education more accessible to children with lower socio-economic or BAME backgrounds. He is one of the Founding trustees and currently Treasurer for MMSF.

Dr Ayesha Khan


Is a trustee at MMSF, and an experienced Head of Research, social researcher and policy advisor. Her doctoral degree was in the interdisciplinary fields of religion, sociology and British Muslim Studies. Having spent several years volunteering in schools and for a mental health, wellbeing and rehabilitation charity, she also founded a charity ‘CareStart’ in her hometown, to provide support to some of the most vulnerable Muslim and BAME communities. She is passionate about widening access to education and helping vulnerable communities overcome issues surrounding social mobility.



Is a fourth-year medical student at the University of Manchester. Having been involved with societal work at University, she was the Vice President of the University of Manchester Islamic Society from 2019-2020. She is passionate about tackling the health disparities, within the BAME community and is the current President of AskDoc UoM Student Society. Outside of University, she has spent six years completing a Higher Islamic Studies Programme and strives to share what she’s learnt by teaching in the community mosque and tutoring children. Maliha joined MMSF as General Secretary hoping to put her skills towards a positive change, and to support the vision of enabling Muslims students to achieve their full potential within education.