About Us


“We believe all Muslim students should be given the best opportunities to thrive in their education and fulfil their potential”.

Mission statement

We want to Benefit Muslim students who are from, studying and or residing in the greater Manchester area by helping to alleviate poverty by providing funding in the form of bursaries and grants. We will Support and create initiatives to increase their wellbeing, reward excellence, campaign around causes relevant to Muslim Students and conduct research to direct our initiatives. Personal Islamic development is central to our mission. We aim to be a financially sustainable charity with a regular source of income that will be used to directly aid muslim students. We want to formulate a blueprint that can be replicated across the country/world.


Our ethics ethos and values are underpinned by islamic principles MMSF is passionate about about supporting muslim students Mmsf care about giving all muslims the best chance to succeed Mmsf will use all our experience to target funds where they are needed the most Mmsf believe Religion should not be a barrier to achievement Transparency and community are at our core Mmsf believe in nurturing and encouraging a strong muslim identity.

Our story

Thursday the 14th March 2019 an extraordinary feat was achieved. The then Islamic Society president Zaidi Hamid our beloved brother Abdulrahman Elbayouk, a final year Medical student (May Allah have mercy on him) and Mohammed Ullah, who was the chaplain at the University of Manchester, set out to renovate the Mcdougalls prayer hall and it needed a lot of work. They told the University of their plans to have a fundraising dinner and worked with senior staff who put them in touch with the Alumni office to help with the collection of funds. The hard work of everyone meant they managed to organise a successful evening of current and ex students, community members, local politicians, business people, sponsors and supporters. MASHALLAH by the will and permission of ALLAH SWT they raised a total of £42,000 on the night – With an initial target of £20,000 being smashed they announced that surplus would be used for the benefit of Muslim students.. The three brothers who came together that evening decided that they wanted to continue the journey and start something that would be a game changer….. and MMSF was born.